TCP Logger and TCP Data Logger AX

TCP Logger and TCP Data Logger ActiveX allow to monitoring, capturing and logging data from TCP or UDP ports

A serious industrial network requires special attention. Such network usually connects not only office computers, but various devices widely spread all over the facility. Monitoring, capturing and logging the data flowing in such TCP/IP network is a tough duty.

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Capture and Log Any TCP/IP Data

That's why we are glad to introduce our TCP Logger - full featured software for capturing and logging all data sent via TCP/IP or UDP protocol. For good reason we are proud to name Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger one of the best products for real time TCP data monitoring, processing and storing. See for yourself.

Works Automatically

Once set up, it monitors any TCP/IP or UDP ports and captures, records and exports information sent through them absolutely without your intervention, that is 100% automatically. Whether you want to merely store a log file, or to filter out some data from the entire stream, or perform a real-time data processing through DDE - all of this is possible with this neat TCP port logger, and all of these requires from little to no manual operations.

Professional TCP Data Monitor

Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger is much more than a simple TCP port monitor. It is a full-featured professional utility intended for industrial usage and specially designed to fulfill even the strictest requirements. Do you want to gather data from a terminal server with dozens of RS232 or RS485 devices connected to it? No problem, TCP Logger easily deals with this. Do you want to control a branchy network of industrial sensors, probes and transducers? No problem either. May be you want to interrogate devices over Internet? You know who to ask.

« I wanted to persist with ASDL because it's such a great piece of software! Very easy to set up and flexible - the problems that took the time were to do with the 'black box' we have built! Many thanks. »

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Multiple TCP ports. Capability to log multiple TCP or UDP ports at same time;

Flexible TCP/IP or UDP port parameters. You may select the client or server mode. The UDP server can handle UDP multicast packets. It receives and processes both binary and text data;

Extended logging features. TCP data logging to text or raw binary files. It allows detailed configuration of the log format;

Logs formatting. You can format log files with TCP data by date, size or data type;

Query plugins. Capability to send requests to a remote device to start data exchange;

Parser plugins. Thanks to flexible settings, you can adjust Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger to any task;

Export plugins. The TCP Logger offers a wide spectrum of exporting options. It can export in real-time to any database (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Access), Excel or directly to an application by means of OPC and DDE technologies;

TCP Logger ActiveX. It is an ActiveX component that uses our TCP Data Logger to get either data from a TCP port or already processed and converted data besides the standard export tools in the program;

Versatile Solution. It works under any Windows platform - literally! - from Windows 9x to modern Windows 7;

Service mode. It also is capable of working as a Windows service, which means you can read port data even before the logon occurs;


Our TCP Data Logger supplies several cut down versions. Some versions omit some of the advanced features found in the Enterprise edition and is ideal for users who either want a low cost or free solution or are not interested in more advanced features. Read more here.

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